“Hello! My name is Thao, i’m a local guide in Bac Ha. Please come to me! I will invite you a cup of tea and we talk about trekking.”

Letters from Mr. Thao!

Dear all valuable partners!

Thank you very much for your all aspects co-operation and support to so far. In order to push forwards co-operation and partnership between

Bac Ha Trekking Tours

and our partner companies, we launch this website to provide all our products in a useful way at your convenience hoping that this will help product builders, tour operators as well as sales persons at enhancing tours in Sapa and northern mountainous region. At the same time we try our best to share the most updated information of the region so that to satisfy urgent demands of the market and customers. The site is organized in a proper way so that tour builders, tour operators and salespersons of partner companies can use it in an easy way and all tour plans announced here are officially operated by

Bac Ha Trecking Tour

Especially our tours are classified in different section basing on different categories in a comprehensive ways:

1 – Classic tours: All tours of this category are specially made for elderly customers, family travel with children under 16 or other customers who do not want to spend time on hiking up and down steep hillsides on trails but wish to have chance for paying visit to tribal villages, discovering unique way of life in remote tribal villages . These tours are organized by using vehicles from the beginning to the end of the trip for transferring customers from village to villages, from destination to destination. Customers will enjoy short walks, paying visit to villages and local homes, taking photos wherever they wish…

2 – Hiking and trekking:

including all tour plans for short hiking as well as long trekking tours which are well fitted to customers with average strength and mobile ability. Length of these tour plan varies from half day to even nine days. And please be kindly noted that these tours are not for elderly customers, family travel with children and other classic customers.

3 – Tribal traditional market tours:

These tours are for all visitors of all ages, likings… to enjoy their discovery of an unique feature of life in remote far north: Going to the MARKET mainly for socializing! Tour plans of this section can be used as tour modules to combine to others such as hiking, trekking… to form a complete trips to Sapa or other region in northern mountainous provinces. It is more convenience to arrange a market day tour at the beginning of the trip upon arrival to Lao Cai or on the last day of the trip before boarding the night train from Lao Cai for Hanoi.

4 – Conquer Fansipan Mount:

Actually these are hard trekking tours which offers challenges to adventure lovers. Conquering Fansipan requires strength, skill or even pre trip practices from customers and proper logistic from organizer. Especially customers should have observed strictly all disciplines referring to personal behavior towards natural and cultural environment, limitation of luggage as well as health warning.

5 – Cycling and mountain biking:

Vietnam Tourism organized a set of biking tours raging from half day modules around Sapa to 9 days challenging through the remote far north region to satisfy bikers. Especially our real mountain biking trips on single dirt track only offers customers unique discovery and experiences which are quite different form tarmac cycling.

The site is built aiming at serving our partner travel companies only, so the right to use it is limited and privacy is quite obvious. Each partner company will be provided a secure account to sign in for use. These account will be provided after the signing our contract of co-operation or at least with agreement of

Bacha Trecking Tours

We consider all content and information of the site is the common property of Sapa Group Tours and our partner companies, so contracted partners have right to use or extract any information of parts of the content for commercial purpose with out asking for permission.

However PRIVACY is of great importance and we hope all valuable partners support us at maintaining PRIVACY of the site. For any further information, please kindly contact